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Windsurfing Hawaii Skinny Mast Extensions
Outstanding quality and performance!

Large diameter twin pulleys make for easy downhauling. Photo
Adjustment secured with sturdy pin and collar system.

Need something bombproof for waves or repeated launches? The WH aluminum extension is for you!

Its extruded design with webbing reinforcement makes this extension handle abuse like no other. Photo

Very nice and light units available in both 30 and 40cm lengths.

WH Alu skinny extension (25cm)$59
WH carbon skinny extension (30cm)$89
WH carbon skinny extension (40cm)$109

Extensions skinny 1.JPG

Windsurfing Hawaii Fatty Mast Extensions

WH Alu extension (10 cm)$35
WH Alu extension (30cm)$49
WH Alu extension (45cm)$59
WH Carbon extension (30cm)$79
WH Carbon extension (45cm)$99

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